Yoga and Brooks

"The body is the origin of our physical presentation in the world. It is good, like a baby is good."

Why pelvic floor yoga @

Red rivers shamelessly flow at Root Wisdom Yoga!

…dressed in her snow-white gown. Tap. Tap. Tappin’ at your window pane…

Women’s rights: HIV thrives on gender inequalities that keep women from controlling our sexual activity. Women’s rights need to be recognized and respected if we are going to negotiate condom use, extract ourselves from abusive relationships, say no to unwanted sex, reject child marriage and combat rape.
The anatomy of the pelvic bowl will be discussed, as well as how to most effectively activate and relax the pelvic floor. Safe, detailed and clear instruction will be provided.
Brooks Hall, ‘Pelvic Empowerment' workshop.
…the theories which guided the doctor’s practice from the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth century held that the woman’s normal state was to be sick. This was not advanced as an empirical observation, but as physiological fact. Medicine had “discovered” that female functions were inherently pathological. Menstruation, that perennial source of alarm to the male imagination, provided both the evidence and the explanation.
Barbara Ehrenreich & Deirdre English, ‘For Her Own Good’